Rapid Orthodontic Treatment


How Rapid Orthodontic Treatment Differs

Rapid orthodontic treatment is a specialized technique that alters the structure of the bone to accompany repositioning of the teeth at the same time. As a result, the process can straighten most patients’ teeth within 8 to 12 months with less potential for relapse. 

This attractive alternative is a technique used by only a few periodontists in Connecticut as it takes specialized knowledge and skills.

Specialized Skills and Knowledge for Special Orthodontic Cases

Ronald A. Del Vecchio, DDS has been providing accelerated orthodontic treatment options with his orthodontic colleagues in Vernon, CT since 1999.

With over 15 years of experience in Rapid Orthodontic Treatment, Dr. Del Vecchio has helped many patients achieve better, healthier gums and bones around the teeth. His patients have also received a boost in their self-esteem due to an improvement in their dental appearance.

Pre-Orthodontic Treatment Care

Orthodontic tooth movement can cause your teeth or gums to recede. We’ll evaluate various areas and make sure that those teeth that can be susceptible to recession are treated prior to the orthodontic treatment. Contact us today.
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