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Effective Dental Implant Placement

Do you need a dental implant? Contact us. It's best to have healthy gum tissues that are free of periodontal disease since dental implants require regular periodontal maintenance of the tissue and underlying bone to remain healthy. 

Ronald Del Vecchio, DDS is equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise to ensure quality dental care and implant placement.

Learn More About Our Tooth Implants

We place endosteal (in the bone) implants, when possible, at the time of extraction of a hopeless tooth. Dental implants placed by a highly skilled surgeon have a 95% to 98% success rate. Placing the implants at the time of extraction will save time and expense.
Endosteal implants are the most commonly used implants. It requires knowledge of the tissue and bone that the implant will be placed in. One implant can be used to replace one tooth or several implants may be used to help create a fixed bridge, a partial or a denture. This is an alternative for patients with bridges or removable dentures.

Dental Implant Expertise for More Than 30 Years

Dr. Del Vecchio is one of the pioneers in providing dental implants in Vernon, CT.
Since 1987, he has been placing thousands of implants and providing aesthetic and functional results for his patients. 

Implant patients are encouraged to return yearly to maintain their implants. If a disease occurs around your implant, just come to us. Dr. Del Vecchio is skilled in treating periodontal diseases that may cause the loss of an implant.

From a single tooth replacement to implant placements for a better partial or denture, expect nothing less than exceptional quality care from us. We will provide same-day or walk-in appointments depending on your needs.

Maintain Your Tooth Implants With Our Help

Dental implants require regular maintenance to protect their long-term success. About 20% of implants will develop some type of periodontal disease within 10 years. This makes it very important for you to see a periodontist to maintain your implants. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.
Rely on us for
long-lasting dental implants. Call us at 860-872-6016 to schedule an appointment!
Our periodontist graduated from New York University and is fluent in both English and Polish. We are located at 281 Hartford Turnpike. FREE parking is available!
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